What are Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you must play through your bonus before being eligible to withdraw any winnings. Alternatively, you can view them as the amount of money you need to bet. Each website outlines these requirements in its Terms & Conditions, as they can differ for various games and bonuses.

At times, these requirements may be referred to as rollover or playthrough requirements. Online casinos generally use the term playthrough, while sportsbooks tend to use rollovers. The specific limits are determined by the company’s policies, games offered, and types of bonuses available. Ultimately, if you fail to meet the wagering requirements, you will be unable to convert your bonus funds into withdrawable cash.

Calculating Wagering Requirements

Calculating wagering requirements is a straightforward process that involves basic multiplication. Typically, online casinos impose playthrough requirements ranging from 35 to 70 times. This means that you must wager your bonus or the entire amount for 35 or 70 times, respectively.

Let’s consider an example with wagering requirements of 35x:

Suppose you place a bet of 10 NZD and unlock a welcome bonus that offers a 100% deposit match, giving you an additional 10 NZD to play with. If the site specifies a 35x wagering requirement for the entire amount, you must play through the entire 20 NZD 35 times before being able to withdraw any winnings. This equates to a total bet of 700 NZD (35 x 20 NZD), after which your winnings become eligible for withdrawal.

However, some sites apply the wagering requirements only to the bonus amount in non-sticky promotions. In such cases, you would need to wager only 350 NZD (35 x 10 NZD).

It’s worth noting that some websites may have higher playthrough requirements, such as 70 times. In this scenario, you would need to play through the 20 NZD 70 times or bet a total of 1400 NZD.

Regardless, it is crucial to carefully read the terms and conditions of every casino bonus you claim to ensure full understanding of the wagering requirements.

Game Contribution

The contribution of different games towards meeting the playthrough requirements can vary. Typically, online casino sites state that slot games contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement. This means that the 35x wagering requirement remains at 35 times when you bet your funds on slot games.

However, for table games or live dealer games, the contribution percentage may be lower, such as 50% or 10%. If the contribution is 50%, it implies that you need to double your wagering amount. Your standard wagering requirement will decrease from 100% to 50%. In this case, wagering your money on tables or live dealer games would result in a requirement of 70x (or 35 x 2).

Limit on Time

The duration of time allocated for meeting the bonus wagering requirements is another important factor to consider. Websites may specify time limits for wagering your free spins or the entire bonus amount.

These time limits can vary, ranging from 7 to 60 days in some cases. On other occasions, you may have as little as 24 hours to fulfill the wagering requirements.

Furthermore, gaming operators may distribute the free spins amount over multiple days. For instance, if you receive 100 free spins as part of a welcome offer, certain sites may require you to wager 10% of the free spins each day for 10 consecutive days. It is crucial to review the terms and conditions of each company to understand the specific wagering time limits.

Minimum Betting Requirements

The minimum bet stake primarily indicates the lowest amount you can wager in a game without forfeiting the bonus funds. It does not provide much information about the value of the bonus itself.

However, a limit that requires careful consideration before claiming a bonus is the maximum betting limit. This restriction provides insight into the speed at which you can fulfill the wagering requirements. Typically, the maximum limit is set at 5 NZD.


What is a wagering requirement?

Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you must bet your bonus before being eligible to withdraw. These requirements are sometimes referred to as playthrough or rollover requirements and can be applicable to either the entire bonus amount or just the bonus itself. It’s important to note that sportsbooks and online casinos may have varying wagering requirements, and these requirements can differ from one site to another.

How do I Bypass Wagering Requirements?

There are three methods to avoid wagering requirements: opting for no wagering bonuses, playing without bonuses altogether, or choosing non-sticky bonuses. No wagering bonuses can be challenging to come by, but you always have the option to play without a promotion or select a non-sticky offer. By doing so, you won’t be obligated to meet any playthrough requirements. In the latter case, you’ll have the freedom to withdraw your initial deposit whenever you wish.

Can I Withdraw Winnings without meeting the Playthrough Requirements?

No, it is not possible to withdraw your winnings without meeting the specified wagering requirements. Each operator has its own set of playthrough requirements, which must be fulfilled before you can withdraw any winnings. When considering which bonus to activate, it is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the gaming operator to determine the amount that needs to be wagered before you can request a withdrawal of your winnings.